Inbound Marketing and SEO are in the Future of Online Marketing.

Inbound marketing is set to be one of the highest growth areas in online marketing in 2011 and beyond.

Well you may ask what is Inbound Marketing?
The following graph is a great representation of inbound marketing and the sections which represent Inbound Marketing -

Inbound Marketing SEO

Inbound Marketing SEO

image cred: SEOMOZ

1. Blogging for your company – blogs are highly important for any company online, it is your main voice and gives potential customers a look at what is going on in the business.
2. Online News PR – News syndication and monitoring is more and more important online.
3. SEO – The building block to marketing your website online, SEO involves online and off site optimization.
4. Email Marketing – Important to all companies, email lists can generate many leads.
5. Researching Online – Researching what customers are saying, keeping up to date with trends in your niche.
6. Info graphics – a great way to build links to your site, build viral content.
7. Social Networking – Important to any business, social networking is becoming more and more popular online.
8. Webinars – Important to teach your clients and share knowledge online via video.
9. Document Syndication online – Sharing documents such as brochures are great ways to build links.
10. Word of mouth/viral online – building viral/ word of mouth image around your website is key to online marketing.
11. Pod casting – Important to build brands via voice recordings.
12. Q+A online marketing – Important to build up your brands image online.
13. Type in Traffic – Typo domains and type in traffic are great sources of traffic.
14. Direct/Referring links and affiliates – Referring domains and affiliates provide a high wealth of traffic to websites.
15. Social Bookmarking online – A great way to drive traffic to your brands.
16. Forums – Many millions of users are on forums so target them the right way via reputation management on forums.
17. Online Video – A great way to promote your business via Vimeo and Youtube.
18. Content Syndication – Important to build your brands voice via the content you produce.

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